Latvian Song Festival Association in Canada                                                                                                                                             LATVIAN|ENGLISH

In 2014 we welcome you to Hamilton, Ontario to celebrate the XIV LatvianSong Festival in Canada. The uniting element among Latvians no matter where they live has been its song and dance, both of which have been a rich legacy shared within families and passed down through generations. Downtown Hamilton will be transformed into “a little Latvia’’ – where choristers, folk dancers, spectators, family and friends from near and far will gather. Our theme for the XIV Festival is the Latvian wreath or ‘’vainags’’. Join us in weaving our rich cultural legacy into a symbolic wreath which since ancient times has been a symbol of the sun, nature, beauty and strength. Just as the intricate strands interwoven in a wreath make it whole; so does the Song Festival in bringing together Latvians of all ages from around the world to be united in celebrating their cultural heritage.

We warmly welcome you to Hamilton – the city of waterfalls on Lake Ontario, from July 3-6th, 2014!